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Enabling Inter-Office Communications

For large companies with multiple departments and lots of employees, the quickest way to get a hold of your colleague is by calling them. While everyone has a mobile phone these days, most employees will still prefer having their own office phones to keep their personal and work lives separate.

With the implementation of effective communication systems, your company’s efficiency and productivity will increase, thereby driving revenue as well!

Enhancements and Accessories For Your Infrastructure

Our On-Premise Phone Systems deploy the NEC SL2100, which is world-class in terms of its functionalities. The base package comes with 8 Digital Phone sets, and the entire package is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Communicate internally and externally effectively

If you’re unsure whether this solution fits your business, call us at +65 6741 8181 or contact us via form below and our consultants will be happy to share more with you!