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Cloud Services: The New Normal

Back in the early 2000s when businesses started going online, office phones and infrastructure were all physical. Which means that if your table phone was faulty, you wouldn’t be able to work. Oh, and not to mention, that equipping your office with a full suite of office equipment was very pricey as well!

Which is why we advocate cloud-based services. With cloud technology, save yourself money and time by ensuring that your business operations are online 24/7. With redundancies and backup servers, your staff can work from anywhere and never has to worry about being unable to perform!

Cloud PBX Solutions

Our flagship Cloud product is our Dynacloud PBX Solution. It is a hosted PBX located in a fully secured & geo-redundant data center (within Singapore) connected to the backbone networks. Virtual PBX offers the same range of telephony features like real hardware PBX.

Virtual PBX provides (without a high start-up cost, unlike physical PBX) all the advantages of a modern cloud solution. It can be optionally extended with an omni-channel call center module with native support of many modern communication channels.

Your search for the most dynamic and efficient PBX solutions easily ends with Data Dynamics Pte Ltd (DDPL). We offer finest quality PABX solutions Singapore to meet the varying requirements of different customers. You can find our services highly scalable to accommodate your future needs in the most efficient way.